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TAHUNA bag - protection bag for GPS-Devices TAHUNA bag - protection bag for GPS-Devices
High-quality case Dirt resistance and durable material (Nylon) Zip bag Carabiner for fixing on backpacks or belt Robust case for TEASI one, one², pro
12,90 € *
TAHUNA fix - Abgewinkelte Lenkerhalterung TAHUNA fix - Abgewinkelte Lenkerhalterung
screw-mount for handlebars 4QuickFix System - fast attachment and removal of holder at push of button due to the curved arm it is very easy and place-saving to install
17,90 € *
TAHUNA Fix Dual – Bike Mount TAHUNA Fix Dual – Bike Mount
Elegant and space-saving solution with the original Quick4fix-System for fast and secure installation
19,90 € *
TAHUNA phone - Bike Mount (universal) TAHUNA phone - Bike Mount (universal)
Your Smartphone is your constant companion on all of your bike tours? If you are in search of a universal bike mount for your device, TAHUNA phone is the perfect solution for you. It secures your smartphone to the handlebar and provides...
29,90 € *
WakaWaka waterproof bag WakaWaka waterproof bag
Attached lanyard Innovative lock design provides for easy opening or sealing Ultra Clear-film material allows button control Continue charging or shining light Also holds: mobile phones, cameras, cash, wallets or keys Quality tested:...
9,95 € *
TAHUNA connect -  Bluetooth 4.0 Herzfrequenz Sensor TAHUNA connect - Bluetooth 4.0 Herzfrequenz...
compatibel with smartphones; bluetooth 4.0; material composition: nylon 80%, spandex 20%
49,90 € *
The leisure navigation for every occasion
169,90 € *
TAHUNA fix - Kugelgelenk Fahrradhalterung TAHUNA fix - Kugelgelenk Fahrradhalterung
Easy to install Light and compact mount Alterable viewing angle (swivel ball) Compatible with all popular handlebars
14,90 € *
TEASI NeoXum Screen Protector for TEASI ONE² & ONE³ TEASI NeoXum Screen Protector for TEASI ONE² &...
The screen protector perfectly fits the display of your TEASI PRO and offers optimum protection against minor scratches and abrasions. Thanks to its anti-reflective coating it reduces screen glare.
12,90 € *
TEASI Fix Light Race Bike Mount 90° TEASI Fix Light Race Bike Mount 90°
Easy to install Compatible with all common bike stems or handlebars Quick4fix-System Compatible with all common bike stems or handlebars
9,90 € *
TAHUNA fix - MTB Fahrradhalterung TAHUNA fix - MTB Fahrradhalterung
Stabiles und einfach zu montierendes Haltesystem Flache Optik - kein Kugelgelenk Rostfreie Edelstahl-Verschraubung Kompatibel mit alle gängigen Fahrradlenkern Komfortables Click4Fix System
14,90 € *
TAHUNA fix - Gürtel- & Rucksackhalterung TAHUNA fix - Gürtel- & Rucksackhalterung
Stabile Verarbeitung und vielseitig einsetzbar Passend für verschiedene Geräte Ideal zur Befestigung am Rucksack und Gürtel Ablösen des Gerätes mit nur 2 Fingern möglich Einfache Befestigung dank Click4Fix-System
9,90 € *
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